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AD FSMO Role Placement for 2 DCs

I have been asked this many times, what roles do we put where in AD? Most of the time, the environments are a standard 2 domain controller environment with a single site. Well, you can find a good technet article but need to dissect it.

For arguments sake, we will select DC01 and DC02 as the two domain controllers. DC01 will be the default main domain controller

  • We will place the PDC Emulator on DC01 to start
  • Microsoft says to  “Place the schema master on the PDC of the forest root domain.” DC01 gets the Schema master as well
  • Microsoft also says “Place the domain naming master on the forest root PDC.” So, domain naming master goes to DC01
  • Microsoft then says to “Place the RID master on the domain PDC in the same domain.” Again, goes to DC01.
  • Infrastructure Master should go on a non-global catalog server, but there arent many of those around these days. So, the Infrastructure Master would then go to DC02.

So, all but one role is reccomended to go to one domain controller, while the others go to the second. Remember, if the primary fails, you can always seize the roles and remove the old primary, and rebuild the backup.

  • DC01 – PDC Emulator, Schema Master, Domain Naming Master, RID Master
  • DC02 – Intrastructure Master

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This entry was posted on November 12, 2013 by in Active Directory, IT.
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